I love this image, which I took the last time the ladies and I got together in Lake George. One of the things I love most about getting away to a more remote spot is the chance to slow down and connect with stillness.

A practice that was recently given to me by a mentor and coach of mine brought the word stillness into mind recently.

Many of us work so hard all the time, and much of this work is mental. We start sentences with “I think…” even when we are talking about feelings!

In order to get to the guts of what you want to do and what you want to offer in the world, it’s essential to go deeper. Here is the practice I was given:

Sit in a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and breathe for a few minutes. Put a hand on your belly in order to connect with your intuition and body sense rather than staying on the hamster wheel of the brain. Then ask your intution a question.

It might be as simple as “what do I need to do next?” or more complex as in, “How do I be the me I need to be in order to bring my biggest possible success into the world?”

Then get very still and listen.

Let the answer come in from the belly and the body. If you start to strain and feel pressure to “come up with something” as I started to feel when I first tried this, it won’t work. Try again if this happens.

The answer I got? Stillness. That’s it. So I’m digesting what it means to bring more stillness into my work. It’s very different than a to-do list or a spreadsheet of goals.

I’m digesting and paying attention to how what I do each day takes me closer to stillness or further away from it.

If you try this practice out… look for a single word that comes to you from your intuition…

Share it with us on the blog! We can all try some being an intuitive space together.