It’s all about the “Aha!” moments…

When do you find yourself being struck by the highest levels of inspiration? When do you experience your “Aha!” moments? Is it when you’re sitting in front of your computer screen? Probably not. More often than not, we assume that screen acts much more like an intimidating hinderance than a supportive muse.

So…we have quite the problem then as entrepreneurs, don’t we? How do we continue to work work work to keep our businesses going, but also wear the hat of “idea haver” — hmm?

The answer is to DO things! Have experiences! Take a walk, a shower, paint a picture, stretch, sew, cook, dance in the living room — whatever things you can DO that help get those creative juices a-flowin’ — THAT’S what you need to start devoting more of your time to doing.

Without giving yourself space to cultivate your “Aha!” moments, all that work you keep putting into your business will eventually be unimportant.

Realize. Prioritize. Focus. Experience. Aha! 🙂