Making a list, checking it twice…

For the past two years, I have made a list on my birthday. I’m starting this year the same way.

Whatever age I am turning, I make a list of adventures I want to have that year that corresponds to my age. This year, I’m at 33 for 33.

There is something lovely about getting older when it means you get to add even more adventures. It’s like an extra present I get. One thing to be really excited about turning another year older even here in LA, where over 26 seems to equal over the hill. Hilarious, yes?

What rituals do you have in place for celebrating significant events? A friend pointed out to me this past weekend that I had never celebrated the anniversary of Remabulous. Hmm. Good point. Are you celebrating your progress through life and through your business?

Sometimes a good party is a great way to build excitement around your work.

Not all the items on my list are big ones. Some are very simple: go ice skating. Paint the bathroom. But there is now something sacred about these tasks as they are undertaken over the next year. They are part of “the list.”

As a coach, I feel it’s important that I hold myself accountable for my on goals if I expect my clients to stay accountable to theirs. It’s important that you trust that what you see is what you get. This project has been a joy to show both that many great things can be accomplished in a year and also to show that nobody’s perfect.

Whether your birthday is coming up or not, look to significant events that could mark your year. Perhaps your anniversary could allow you to plan adventures with your honey. Your business anniversary could create some new benchmarks for the next year. The nice thing about these lists is that most of them will start with smaller numbers of goals that our ages.

There are few things, I find, than checking items off a list. So when you get to a big landmark, make one. Share the items with friends, family, colleague, and employees – as many people as you feel comfortable sharing with.

Then see how much more exciting it is to check those babies off with some people holding you accountable. Need extra support? We’re here for you with some awesome new programs. Join us in our adventures in QUiRK and we will share the skills you need to blast ahead.

Got significant events coming up and goals you want to tackle? Let us know! We’d love to be in the loop…