About Caroline

Caroline Donahue is passionate about productivity. She is a Certified Productivity Coach, who trained at The National Association of Productivity Coaches. Combine this with her more than 10 years experience working in the worlds of psychology and art, and you have someone who is able to help entrepreneurs, small businesses and even the most non-linear artists eradicate time-wasting, energy draining tasks and paperwork so they can spend the majority of their time on their most valuable activities, like earning money and having fun—or maybe both simultaneously.

“Time is a resource that needs to be well handled – not something that needs to be squeezed to death,” says Caroline. “By creating systems and strategies to plan and delegate their work more efficiently, on an average, I’m able to help clients re-claim up to 40 hours of time per month for important tasks or having fun. Think of what that means in your life – 40 more hours per month could be the difference that could make you thousands of dollars a month more than you’re currently earning or it could allow you to have the quality of life you’ve always wanted.”

Caroline’s positive and supportive method of coaching and her ability to add structure when working with creative people is grounded in her education: she holds a bachelor’s degree in art history from the respected Kenyon College, where she won the James E. Liggett Prize for Excellence in Art History, and she holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and expressive arts from the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland.

During her years as a psychologist working in private practice and at psychiatric hospitals, she worked with many fun and creative people and used art to help counsel her patients. “What I loved most was helping people plan their careers and look at where they wanted to be professionally, and then helping them make plans to get there,” says Caroline.

After leaving counseling to pursue more creative endeavors, Caroline studied photography, worked in an art gallery and consulted for a few corporate clients. She learned that in business you need a balance of creativity and structure, and she excelled at helping companies achieve this. “Too little structure, the business wouldn’t survive and thrive,” explains Caroline. “Too little creativity, it would never be noteworthy or revolutionary as businesses should be.”

Fueled by a desire to work with companies that wanted to change their level of efficiency and effectiveness, Caroline took a job as an administrative director at a gallery in Beverly Hills, California. She soon realized that change wasn’t coming from the top, where it needed to start, so she left to start a company that would serve business owners who were ready to change. Entrepreneurship came naturally to Caroline, who grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and business owners.

remabulous_babypicsm.jpgThe name for Caroline’s company, “Remabulous,” comes from a word she coined when she was six years old; it’s a hybrid of “remarkable” and “fabulous.” She strives to help her clients feel that their businesses are “remabulous” and keeps her coaching in alignment with their vision, goals and lifestyle. In addition to slashing tasks and time wasters, Caroline provides business coaching, life coaching and social media training to increase clients’ productivity. Whether working with clients in person, on the phone, or through workshops and teleseminars, she keeps it fun, simple and strategic.

Caroline spends much of her free time learning about the hottest new technologies and social media so her clients don’t have to. She is also an avid reader, novelist, knitter, film fanatic and conscious bookkeeper—yes, she considers that a hobby.

As the requests for her to speak to business and entrepreneurial groups increase, Caroline finds herself traveling more and hopes her next speaking engagement will take her to Paris or Rome, where she’ll try to restrain herself from interfering with the European relaxed attitude toward time.